Emergency lighting installation & maintenance Cheltenham

In the UK, Fire Safety Legislation requires emergency lighting to be provided in all non-domestic premises.

An emergency lighting system is essential in the event of a primary lighting failure:

  • To show clearly the escape routes from the building.
  • To allow safe movement to exits at walking pace without stumbling
  • To help prevent panic in an emergency and during evacuation
  • To show the location of and identity fire equipment and first aid locations.

Our Products

  • Emergency Bulkhead Lights
  • Emergency Exit Signs
  • Recessed Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Spotlights
  • LED Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Light Legends

Our Service

We can design, install and maintain all types of emergency lighting systems. We can carry out the annual duration testing and the monthly functional testing of emergency lights, if required.
We have got you covered every step of the way in installation, maintenance, record keeping, compliance and cost-effective repairs.

Contact us today to discuss providing you with an effective installation or maintenance proposal for your emergency lights, so that you can be reassured that your emergency lights work when you need them the most.