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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings are an important factor to consider when creating the right atmosphere and ambience for your workplace and that of visiting clients or people. A well thought out and designed ceiling installation can not only look great and create a good impression.

We have an enviable reputation within the market and region which has been built up over 7 years – we provide an exceptional service and insist on using only the best ceiling products from the worlds leading suppliers.

The range of ceilings and ceiling tiles available on the market today can meet the demands for all areas of work offering improved light reflectance, better acoustics, thermally insulating.

Advantages of suspended ceilings

  • Easier, quicker and less costly to install than plasterboard construction
  • Pre finished. (no decorating required)
  • Optimisation of light reflection and thus saving on energy
  • Can be suspended from any stable soffit or ceiling type above
  • Gives easy access to the ceiling void for the maintenance of electrics, pipe work etc
  • Allows for light fittings, air conditioning and other services to be easily recessed within the ceiling void
  • Fast installation
  • No need for time consuming building work
  • Cost effective
  • Sound proofing qualities
  • Flexible design and colour options

There are other advantages that are sometimes specifically designed into schemes and these are classed as ‘performance’ ceilings. Examples of some of these benefits are:

Suspended Ceilings – Fire Protection

Certain schemes will be required to comply with Building Regulations and must have inherent fire resistance to specified levels. A suspended ceiling can form part of a building’s fire protection and therefore must be correctly specified, designed and installed to the manufacturer’s requirements. We take this aspect very seriously and we will ensure that your project is fully compliant with the current guidelines.

Suspended Ceilings – Thermal Insulation

Want your business to be green and at the same time save you money in the long run?
Specifying a ceiling tile and / or adding a mineral wool quilt overlay can significantly reduce the thermal energy loss of a building and keep your staff happier!

Suspended Ceilings – Noise Reduction

Noise reduction improves a work space’s level of comfort and improves work productivity. Properly specified acoustical ceilings reduce noise levels in interior spaces, using a combination of high performance sound absorption materials and improve room to room sound attenuation