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Need a carpenter?

If you need a carpentry-related job done in/around Gloucestershire you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you need a door hung or some shelves put up, but you have no time in your hands to do the task – don’t worry, our team will be right at your door, ready to give you a hand. we can take on any job, from fitting wooden flooring , fire doors, fire door linings and many other carpentry services.

Cupboard doors

Need a carpenter to reattach your cupboard door hinge or maybe fit your integrated dishwasher door? You’ve come to the right place. Cupboard doors become misaligned when hinges come loose, which we can help you with, in order to ensure that your cupboard doors not only fully open and close but also are neatly aligned.

Hanging doors

We are able to hang your new doors or rehang doors to swing the opposite way. If you have new carpets fitted, you might need a carpenter to trim the bottom of the door to ensure your door will fit the carpet. Doors might also get swollen over time and due to the weather, our team can also plane these doors

We take care of interior doors, front doors, patio doors and external doors. Whether your doors need installing, renovating or repairing – we can give you an extra pair of hands. It doesn’t matter which type of door you have, including wooden doors such as oak, cherry, walnut, or pine doors, we can help you with your carpentry requirements.


Carpenter Cheltenham Carpentry Services Cheltenham

Looking for carpenters ready to install new flooring in your house? Our team will help you with any carpentry-related tasks! Our carpenters will fit and lay new flooring in your kitchen, living room or any of the other rooms of your house or office we can even lay the sub-flooring. Whether you want real wood flooring installed or wood effect tiles fitted, we can give you a pair of hands either way.

Changing your floor as part of a room makeover can be sometimes underrated and overlooked, however, flooring installation can make a narrow room look bigger or add depth to a short room by installing your floor in different directions. With the pattern that you choose to lay your floor to the type of flooring you select – all these choices will have a big impact on the final result.

Wood flooring can be laid in many different ways: you can choose to go for a straight pattern, which is the most commonly used pattern, it’s simple and easy to fit; diagonal patterns can be used when you don’t want just a straight pattern, but you also don’t want to be too extra, diagonal patterns are the perfect middle option; for a different look you could choose a parquet pattern, laying the flooring in a geometric pattern, a herringbone pattern, laying the flooring in a diagonal zigzag pattern or a random pattern, laying the flooring in a straight pattern but with a mixture of wooden board with various widths.

Kitchen units

Carpenter Cheltenham Carpentry Services Cheltenham

Need a trained carpenter to assemble and align your new kitchen units? We are able to install kitchen walls and floor cabinets, as well as rehanging and aligning units you already have. Wall mounted kitchen units require a great deal of weight, so it’s vitally important they are installed properly.

Perhaps you are undergoing a complete home improvement project and don’t have enough time on your hands to complete it or maybe you just don’t want to get your hands dirty – don’t worry we are here to help.

Whether you bought your kitchen from IKEA, Wren Kitchens, Homebase or Howdens, our experienced carpenters can fit any type of kitchen units in your house.


Looking for bespoke wooden shelves for your office or home? Our team can build and fit all the shelves you need to organize your books, collectables or even house plants.

Custom shelving units not only provide organisation within the household or office but can also be used as a unique decorative item. It all depends on the type of shelf you require, as well as the materials being used to make it. They could be modern floating shelves, simple wall shelves, handy corner shelves or maybe fashionable ladder shelves.

So, if you need a bathroom shelf, an airing cupboard shelf or a kitchen shelf, bespoken storage shelves or decoration shelves, we have the expertise to make your home look radiant and unique.

Carpenter Cheltenham Carpentry Services Cheltenham