Fire Alarm Systems Cheltenham Fire Alarm Services Cheltenham

Fire Alarm Systems Cheltenham

In the UK, it’s a legal requirement for buildings to have fire safety equipment installed. In 2018/9, fires where a smoke alarm was not present accounted for 25% (7,446) of dwelling fires and 28% (55) of all dwelling fire-related fatalities, All our fire alarm systems are in accordance with BS 5839.

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms come in a range of categories

In total there are 8 categories of systems in the UK

These 8 categories can be split up into 3 main system types: life protection, property protection, and manual.

The main fire alarm categories are:

M – a Manual fire alarm
L1 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Maximum level of life protection
L2 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Additional level of life protection
L3 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Standard level of life protection
L4 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Modest level of life protection
L5 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Localised level of life protection
P1 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Maximum level of property protection
P2 – An Automated fire alarm, with the Minimum level of life protection

Fire Alarm Systems Cheltenham Fire Alarm Services Cheltenham

The commercial fire alarm system needed to protect your workplace will depend on your individual premises and work function. Certain detection systems available include:

Alongside your commercial fire alarm installation, we recommend fire safety equipment for additional protection in your workplace. We offer many fire safety services at SWITCH ELECTRICAL including, emergency lighting, fire safety signs, fire extinguishers, fire safety training.

Commercial Fire Alarm Services

To determine the correct fire system service for your business, we offer a FREE site survey to organisations local to us, as well as a quotation service. Simply Contact us today and we will take care of the rest.

Personalised and Bespoke Fire Alarm Systems

Our team of fire safety experts are specialists in providing bespoke fire alarm systems, tailored to your businesses and premises. We understand that every building is unique, requiring bespoke fire alarm systems in order to provide efficient safety to your workforce.

Our FREE local surveys help us accurately and reliably determine the requirements unique to your workspace. During this process, we’ll send out a member of our experienced team to assess and evaluate your building and determine the best fire alarm system to mitigate the risk of a fire.

With a rich industry insight, we’re able to offer personalised fire alarm systems at the best price, as we believe your budget shouldn’t compromise safety. The survey will also allow us to communicate how long your commercial fire alarm maintenance, repair or installation will take and our specialist team are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Installation of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Part of our service as a professional safety company involves high quality commercial fire alarm installation in the UK. Our experts are trained to meet the latest standards in fire protection, so you can rest assured your alarm system has been installed safely and correctly.

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to fire alarms as it will heavily depend on specific factors including the size and layout of your premises, building specifics, personal constraints and the functionality of your business. In some cases, more than one fire alarm system may need to be installed to cover every corner of your workplace.

As a result, when it comes to installation, the process duration can vary from property to property. Smaller fire alarm systems such as fire safety signs can take a few hours to install, whereas more complex systems such as monitoring devices may take a few months.

Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Repair

Fire alarm maintenance/repair is crucial to provide adequate protection to your workplace. We recommend that a delegated, trained individual carries out this task on a weekly (or monthly) basis to ensure your fire systems remain in line with the recommended requirements.

Professional fire safety experts, such as our team at SWITCH must periodically carry out checks to ensure that every device is working as it should be. Our specialists are trained to easily identify faults with batteries, wiring, panelling and the general integrity of your fire safety equipment, and then quickly find the solution.

If your fire safety system is identified as faulty, we are able to provide fire alarm repairs to ensure they’re working correctly again. This is an incredibly important step to provide safety in the workplace and shouldn’t be overlooked.

To book your fire equipment maintenance service, please contact us today.

Why Choose Switch electrical for your Fire Alarm Services?

We are a level 3 qualified with the fire industry association , We offer a wide range of solutions and equipment to suit your risk and budget. We offer hard-wired and wireless solutions from fire systems manufacturers.

From initial design through to full installation and system maintenance, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a first-class solution for you. Whether you have a small office, a 180 bedroom hotel or a large industrial site, we can provide a commercial fire alarm system to suit your project and budget requirements. We are also able to provide fire alarm systems on a supply and commission basis.

Choosing US to take care of your fire alarm systems will give you peace of mind whilst guaranteeing you are compliant with the law. Any installation or service that we provide is in line with British Standards and we will ensure that your system is properly tested and maintained in order to comply with the requirements of the British Standards and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Fire Alarm Systems Cheltenham Fire Alarm Services Cheltenham