Fireproof Materials

We supply and install specialist fire proof materials

Fire proofing can be carried out in many different forms and types of fire proofing please contact us for a free site survey

Fire Barriers & Passive Fire Protection

Developed as an alternative Fire Barrier to Asbestos (which ceased production in the early 90’s), FIREFLY Fire Barriers,Fire Curtains and downlight fire hoods, are produced from woven and non-woven glass – materials which are non-respirable, lightweight and easily installed. we can offer one which not only offers passive fire protection but also stops the heat transferring through the wall in the event of a fire.

FIREFLY Cavity Fire Barriers are developed primarily for the Construction Industry. They are a flexible, lightweight and easy to install solution to all Compartmentation requirements, traditionally serviced by the use of a “mineral fibre” type fire barriers

Firefly Phoenix Fire Barrier is a lightweight, flexible and easy-to-install passive fire protection product.

Firefly products were initially developed to provide compartmentation, typically within roof voids created by suspended and modular ceilings, thus giving the Client, Specifier and Installer a lightweight, flexible, easy to install solution to passive fire protection requirements. Firefly products are suitable for installation into a vast range of different types of buildings, this includes Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, Schools, Manufacturing Plants, Loft Conversions etc. Most Firefly products are 3rd party accredited, by Certifire giving added confidence that the products supplied, are fit for purpose.

Fire Proof plasterboard

Fire boarding is the practice of using fire-resistant boards for structural steel encasement that have been treated with non-toxic additives
to protect them from fire. Steel framework fire boards, like Glasroc fire boarding, can be made with materials like gypsum and glass fibres, which help to keep the boards together should they come into contact with heat.

This protects the resistant boarding and maintains structural stability for longer in the event of a fire. Steel framework fire board is also moisture-resistant, meaning they won’t become damaged and bent by exposure and can be used effectively as a safety feature in bathrooms. We offer a flexible range of fixing applications that can be installed quickly and require only minimal maintenance.

Fireproof Insulation

Fireproof Materials Cheltenham Fire Safety Items Cheltenham

We can offer a range of fireproof insulation products to protect both domestic and commercial buildings. Fire stop insulation materials use insulative and non-combustible properties to slow the spread of flame and smoke. Materials such as mineral wool, fibreglass and cellulose-based wool insulation are used to safeguard against the rapid spread of fire. This type of insulation material has been developed to resist heat and to gain time in an emergency. As well as this protection, the insulation is designed so that if it was to come into contact with flames, you can be assured that toxic smoke isn’t released into the air.

Fire-resistant insulation can protect a building’s structure and offer valuable time for appropriate evacuations. From non-combustible insulation (used to retains energy efficiency) to fire resistant boards that create a safe protective barrier to prevent the spread of fire, we have a number of other accessories to make your building fire-safe.

Fire Compartmentation

Fireproof Materials Cheltenham Fire Safety Items Cheltenham

Fire compartmentation protection helps to prevent the spread of fire through fire-resistant walls and floors. By compartmentalising a blaze using fire-rated partitions, barriers, doors and other techniques, the fire is sectioned into more manageable areas. By utilising this method of compartmentation in the event of a fire, this also provides time and clearer routes for means of escape; particularly if an escape route is separated from the rest of the premises. We also offer acoustic barriers using a range of materials, providing integrity and insulation between joists and other spaces. Our fire compartmentation services and fire barriers are designed to offer insulation and protection from both fire and smoke to floors and ceiling voids.

Structural steel fireproofing

Fireproof Materials Cheltenham Fire Safety Items Cheltenham

We offer a range of structural steel fire protection and fire barrier options to protect your building’s structural steel if a fire occurs. When steel is heated to above 550°C, it loses its stability and capacity to bear loads, becoming dangerous and often life threatening.

The steel will then begin to lose strength and bend, ultimately leading to a structural collapse and highlighting the lifesaving need for fire protection for structural steel. Be it fireproof insulation, intumescent coatings or fire compartmentation options we have the right solutions.

Fireproof Materials Cheltenham Fire Safety Items Cheltenham