Commercial & Domestic CCTV Camera Systems

Switch Electrical specialise in professional and affordable CCTV installations for your home / buisness carried out to the highest quality using only high quality parts and components.

How much value are you currently placing on your biggest asset?

It is unfortunate that crime is on the rise including burglaries and vandalism. CCTV is a proven to be one of the best ways to protect your home/business and is just as effective deterrent for crime as it is recording the event itself.

We install variety of CCTV systems and cameras for your premises including analogue based systems, High definition and secure IP CCTV installations, Infra-red and day/ night cameras, Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras to allow the user to control the direction of the camera and much more.

A typical CCTV installation from Switch Electrical includes:

  • One or more IP or analogue based camera of minimum HD TVI quality installed in locations as per your requirements.
  • Cables run neatly to where they are required. Cables can be taken through lofts and within trunking to keep the installation discreet.
  • Optimum setting up of the equipment such as the DVR and connection to your TV or monitor with full demonstration.
  • Integration with the broadband supply to allow remote viewing on PC, smart phone or tablet providing peace of mind when away from home or on holiday.
  • Post installation and support over the phone

We offer several packages as below:

CCTV Camera Systems Cheltenham CCTV Camera Installation

Business Package

We specialise in expert CCTV installations for business and commercial applications no matter how demanding your needs

Being in business means protecting your assets.

Without trying to focus on the negative but owning a running and business and especially those with business premises, means you be likely to be a target of burglary or vandalism. Using high quality parts and components we can help make your business more safe and secure.

A professionally installed CCTV system can benefit your business in numerous ways. Not only by being able to supply visual proof an incident has taken place. But also to create an environment where staff and customers can be monitored ensuring their safety. A good CCTV system can also be used as a deterrent supply the owner/ manager with further peace of mind.

For business and commercial use IP CCTV secure systems are more appropriate and can record High Definition quality images. PTZ cameras can be installed where the view of the camera can be moved and zoomed by the end user to continue to track events. Whatever your requirements our service can be tailored to your very needs.

A typical Business and Commercial CCTV installation can include:

  • A consultation where the demands of the customer can be established enabling us to pick the system most suited to your requirements.
  • Multiple IP or analogue IR CCTV cameras of minimum 700-1000TVL quality installed to ensure only high quality recordings, day or night.
  • Optimum setting up of the equipment such as the DVR and connection to your TV or monitor with full demonstration.
  • Remote viewing when away from site via the internet and viewed on your PC, tablet or smart phone including multiple premises.
  • Post installation support and advice over the phone or e-mail.

Home CCTV Package

Be safe and secure in your own home in the knowledge that your home is protected by CCTV. We have taken any stress and confusion out of buying a professional CCTV installation by grouping it together into various camera packages.

All of our packages utilise only high quality parts and components resulting in only high quality installations. All of our packages are loosely based around using HD TVI cameras of minimum 1080p resolution. Meaning if you opt for a higher resolution camera or IP system it could slightly more, of if you opt for something slightly less it could cost less. Nevertheless it’s still a straight forward, open and honest buying process.

If you require an installation that is not necessarily out of the box, worry not. We can supply you an installation completely bespoke to your requirements.

CCTV Camera Systems Cheltenham CCTV Camera Installation