Carried out a recent electrical installation condition report and the wiring was an absolute shambles / done by the general diyer who claims they know what there doing I am guessing – any way  new occupier needed a re wire and here’s some of the things I found when I started removing cables – some of the things found is unbelievable to be fair –

burning lighting cable in attic – luckily was spotted by bt when checking phone lines

look at the twist on this cable – how on Earth this was ever left like this is unbelievable

this below is actually red insulation tape that has melted to the pvc cable sheathing

spaghetti anyone? Weird thing is these are just above the consumer unit and all earths just tied together underneath them

looks like a rodent had a chew on this one and it’s started to have scorch marks on sheathing

32amp ring main just twisted together under the floor and taped over

lighting cables no Earth sleeving

Another ring main cable showing signs of burn marks

Ring main junction box of some sort apparently

Light switch cables run round across top of door frames in every light switch drop

Lives. Neutrals and earths all twisted together and lid put on junction box, why they wouldn’t at least use the junction box properly is beyond me

Another ring main just in connectors

Earths twisted together under junction boxes – no earth sleeving either

internals of an old cooker switch been used to connect ring main in one of bedrooms

junction box full of insulation with burnt cables

every socket had a junction box of some sort under the floor boards why they didn’t just run The ring main into each socket instead of using junction boxes is beyond me.

anyway customer is now safe and happy and all burning cables have been safely removed and re wired the property including new consumer unit and garage supply which before hand was running on a 2.5mm twin and earth fed from a 50amp mcb in house to 80amp mains switch in garage board